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One thing we must give out is that the Giant Mimic is for the loose in the RS Treasure Hunter cavern once more. It’s confirmed that you have the possibility to find mixture rewards in the struggle. Are you lucky enough to buy rs gold find the Rewards? Always remember that your current situation is not the final destination. The best is yet to come.

Indispensible tips on how you can play the revenge of the Giant Mimic
1. Remember to head on the Burthorpe Lodestone and from the portal to battle in addition to loot this tricky monster everyday from Nov. 17 to Nov. 21.
2. Selecting one of 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite first of all then defeat the Huge Mimic boss in only 150 seconds.
3. Battle the Giant Mimic several times as you like through the event but you can only loot 5 times daily. Meanwhile, you will only deplete a loot attempt by simply killing the boss.
4. If you die for the Giant Mimic boss, you can’t try again and this won’t be counted as a loot effort.

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Receive the mimic puppy & find assortment rewards in Giant Mimic
It’s fantastic that you do have a chance to receive the mimic pet to be a drop when defeating the Giant Mimic boss. Loot crates earned through defeating and looting the actual boss via RS Prize Hunter. If you are lucky enough you could find an assortment of benefits including:

1. Mimic protean packs – each contain 10 protean items
2. Rare item tokens
3. Scrimshaws of aggression, sacrifice and corruption tend to be back
4. Combat training dummies, springs and feathers
5. Mimic hat
6. Tradeable override tokens

Giant Mimic is definitely a buffet inside runescape and everyone should not miss the rare possibility. We have heard that Ironman players might take on Giant Mimic along with earn the hat and cape also. It’s in your power to create whatever achievements from the Giant Mimic and you can buy cheap runescape gold for making you stronger.