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Recently, a amateur has acquaint Nieve’s Stronghold Apache Cavern adapt on Reddit. It is advised to breach apache into specific areas in agreement of play style. For example, able players go to one alcove while those afterwards cannons go to a altered one. This abstraction for apache agreeable has auspiciously fatigued Jagex’s attentions.

Current accompaniment of Nieve’s Stronghold Apache Cave
The accepted Nieve’s cavern is a adequately advancing point a part of the community. It’s a antique of the aboriginal Runescape Gold era that has been always added to, creating an all-embracing & aimless feeling. Abounding players accept proposed adjustment and relocating locations of it about the world.

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Proposed adapt of Nieve’s Cave
The abstraction from this amateur aims to blooper the cavern into 2 map squares which fit for the abundant & blooming Gnome respectively. The monsters, including Aberrant Spectres, Anhous, Black Demons, Bloodveld, Fire Giants, Greater Demons, and Hellhounds, will be kept in the cave. And all the others will be confused or removed.

1. Move the Cavern Kraken, Watergiends & Kraken Boss to a new breadth south-west of Piscatoris. Aswell possibly add a few low-level Apache assignment another locations for Bats & Earth Warriors to advice ample out the cave.

2. Move the accepted Kalphite cavern to the new locations on the north-eastern bend of the desert.

3. Move the accepted Smoke Devil alcove to the absolute breadth west of Pollnivneach in the Smokey Wall.

4. Move the accepted Metal Dragons to a new breadth central the absolute Brimhaven Dungeon. The Metal Dragons in the new Lava Pits breadth would accede the Karamja Elite Account accolade of acclaimed bar drops.

5. Move the accepted Chromatic Dragons to a new breadth central the absolute Taverlay Dungeon.

6. Move the 3 accomplished akin Apache Tower monsters to a new breadth central the absolute Apache Tower. The monster in the basement akin would accede the Morytania Elite Account accolade of +10% Apache XP if killed.

It is something Jagex has already been discussing.
Honestly, this is a abundant abstraction for Nieve’s Stronghold Apache Cavern revamp. Mod Kieren claims that it is something they accept already been discussing. To annul the abatement of the convenience, they would action added spawns in assignment alone areas in the added dungeons.

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