Runescape Minimap Star Improvements

The minimap buildings have provoked a lot of debate, and we’d like to change the icons you find almost all contentious. From reading your own personal feedback, these seem to be the best requests:

bank – Caused by popular demand, we’ll always be change this back to some sort of $ symbol. We identified the previous $ icon exponentially boosted confusion over the function involving banks for new players, who have associated banks with keeping and exchanging money. Many of us felt that a bank torso better reflected the actual intent behind banks – to store surplus items.

07rs-6We’re willing to return this to a $ sign as a last resort, but would choose to make the bank chest sign more meaningful (eg stumble through lid and clasp far more distinct) by improving the idea with your help.

water origin – the intention was going to use the icon frame being a container for the water, in a similar way to the sandpit icon. Due to your feedback, we’re going to get back to a large water drop.

travelling – While abstract, typically the horizontal arrow is what a great deal of players are accustomed to, along with supports a wide range of transport approaches. We’ll bring a plan arrow back into the design. the prior icon was a horizontal gazelle, which we felt ended up being rather abstract, particularly and there is several other icons, such as links and dungeon entrances, offering an arrow. We selected a ship’s wheel for the reason that greater majority of transports proclaimed on the surface map are by simply ship.

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