How to Change OSRS Dragonbone Necklace, Dragonfire Ward and also Others?

It has been about seven days since the first big Runescape update of 2018 Monster Slayer II was released. Despite the fact that most of players think very of it, the Old School would like to make it much better by making several tweaks. Please preview these first and vote in the future.

Dragonbone Necklace change

The Old University team intends to increase the particular stats of Dragonbone Necklace around your neck OSRS a little, adding it is prayer bonus from +6 to +12. Meanwhile, they wish to get rid of its effect which usually reduces your remaining prayer items by 50% when prepared, and add a new effect using a delay of 15 mere seconds before the bone burying result becomes active.

Dragonfire Keep improvement

You can make the Monster Ward by attaching any Skeletal Visage (a unusual drop from Vorkath) to a anti-dragon shield at any anvil. And this defensive off-hand Ranged shield is planned to boost the melee defence simply by 10 and the magic support by 6.

07 Rs GoldDuration of Very Antifire Potion & Expanded Super Antifire Potion

In addition to extending the duration of Very Antifire Potion from a couple of minutes to 3 minutes, this School also wants to include a new variant of the comprimé. This Extended Super Antifire Potion can be created by merging a Super Antifire Potion together with Lava Scale Shards together with Herblore level 98. As well as the new variant can last two times as long as the regular one particular.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow and also others

To make the Dragon Rogue Crossbow more effective against dragons, they’d like to increase its veracity and damage bonuses to be able to 30% from previous 10%. Meanwhile, they want to know regardless of whether to add an ornament system for the Dragon Kiteshield/Dragon Platebody/Necklace of anguish to master indications.

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