Treasure hunter Zodiac coaching

Open the treasure seeker to accept a special lunar beginning of the year task card, where you can succeed a lot of delicious things. A high level00 man, you can collect your cards from diango start.

Cheap Rs GoldEvery card contains 16 difficulties, each of the 4 difficult duties. Each level is outlined on the grid, so you can match up the current skills with the best complementing task. According to your choice of outlines to complete, you will receive a money bag, a prism formed star or a prism lighting. Resolution of the difficulty from the zoom level in order to get much more valuable prizes! Note: Ironman account cannot accept celebrity, but they can get all the other awards.

In addition , you can unlock the actual monkey jewelry each line you complete. There are 4 things to collect, this will provide you with a XP lamp in the appropriate skills to Buy RS Precious metal collect.

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